U.S. Senator Deb Fischer & U.S. Representative Don Bacon
Provide Crucial Leadership in Prioritizing Omaha-Area Funding

OMAHA, NE – Early today, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce released the following statement thanking U.S. Senator Deb Fischer for her outstanding commitment and leadership in championing numerous Omaha-area priorities, which have been prominently included in the six FY2024 government funding bills recently passed by the U.S. Senate.

“Through her unwavering advocacy, Sen. Fischer has ensured that the critical needs and strategic interests of Nebraska’s businesses, agricultural communities, educational institutions and infrastructure projects are well-represented and supported at the national level,” said Heath Mello, president and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber.

“Sen. Fischer’s ability to navigate complex legislative landscapes and build bipartisan support has been instrumental in securing vital funding and resources for the Greater Omaha region that will bolster our regional economy, enhance our competitiveness and keep America safe through the crucial work of Strategic Air Command and Offutt Air Force Base,” said Mello.

The impact of Sen. Fischer’s work cannot be overstated. The following are Sen. Fischer-backed projects that were included in the Senate government funding package:

  • $4 million for the Metropolitan Utilities District to assist in ongoing efforts to replace lead service lines.
  • $4 million for the Omaha Police Department (Equipment Modernization) to modernize OPD air support and bomb response capabilities.
  • $200,000 for the Papio Natural Resources District (Offutt Ditch Pump Station) to collect stormwater around Offutt Air Force Base and pump into the Missouri River.
  • $7 million for a new Vehicle Search Area at Offutt Air Force Base, which funds new vehicle search facilities, vehicle control and pavement, allowing for a more efficient sorting lane and providing adequate stacking distance for waiting vehicles.
  • $5 million to design a new Defense POW/MIA Accountability Agency (DPAA) lab at Offutt Air Force Base, which will provide funding to plan and design a new, state-of-the-art DPAA laboratory.
  • $3.5 million to design a new Maintenance/Warehouse at Offutt Air Force Base for the 55th Wing’s Civil Engineering Squadron (CES). 
  • $3 million to design a new Base Operations/Mobility Center at Offutt Air Force Base.
  • $9.09 million to complete the National Guard Readiness Center in Bellevue, Nebraska.

The Greater Omaha Chamber is also grateful for U.S. Representative Don Bacon’s exemplary work and partnership with Sen. Fischer on securing critical funding for the Eppley Air Field expansion project.

Their collaborative work to secure $7 million for Eppley Airfield to provide a new customs inspection facility that allows security operations for international aircraft and passenger travel was recently announced as part of the major multi-year modernization effort by the Omaha Airport Authority.

“Congressman Bacon’s efforts epitomize the dedication and foresight necessary to drive meaningful impact with the needed modernizations of Eppley Airfield,” said Mello. “His partnership with Sen. Fischer reiterates the Nebraska federal delegation’s strength in not only advocating for the Greater Omaha region, but driving impactful projects that create more economic opportunity and improve our quality of life.”

Additionally, Rep. Bacon was successful in securing the following local Community Based Projects for fiscal year 2024:

  • $2 million to the City of Omaha for a Saddle Creek Pedestrian and Bikeway Overpass, linking up the UNMC campus.
  • $7 million to the City of Omaha to improve pedestrian safety and green space on Burt Street near Creighton University.
  • $4.169 million to the City of Omaha for a street light project from Meredith Avenue to Cuming Street along North 24th Street.
  • $830,000 to Douglas County for the BRIDGE Family Resource Connector Network.

“The Greater Omaha Chamber is a strong supporter of Community Based Projects and is grateful for Congressman Bacon’s hard work in collaborating on local projects in the 2nd Congressional District,” Mello said. “We are a stronger community because of his work on these projects.”